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Because Dr. Loren Frankel understands the realities of motherhood, her medical practice, Palmetto Women’s Health, focuses on providing a family-friendly atmosphere. Dr. Frankel, a mother of three, is the only physician in the practice, and she likes it that way. “I’m glad to tell people that I am the only physician because it takes away a lot of confusion patients feel when there are multiple doctors,” she commented. “You’ll see me every time you come in and not a different doctor you’ve never met before. That can be disconcerting for some women.”

Dr. Frankel can offer her patients the benefits of her extensive experience in obstetrics and gynecology, which includes working with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for more than 15 years. She is among only a few physicians in the Charleston area who know how to prescribe these hormones. She also is comfortable dealing with infertility and menopause issues and is an advocate of in-office surgery that can cure bleeding problems without hysterectomies.

“Our office is unique because a human being will always answer the phone,” she said. “You’ll never get voice prompts. They are depersonalizing. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable, caring atmosphere where patients are relaxed, seen in a timely fashion and feel part of our family.”


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