Breast Cancer Update #1

August 20th, 2020

I said I would update you on my progress – and here we are. My first update post-first chemo. I will try to write when I feel well enough to do so. Thank you to all who have helped me and embodied the mantra of “In this family no one fights alone.”
Week one of chemo is behind me and it was no joke. I must admit I was anxiously excited to get my treatment underway. It was very tough knowing I had cancer cells attacking my body and having to wait a little over a month to begin treatment was a mental struggle. I can’t tell you how many times I felt to see if the lump had grown larger.
I had my first dose of poison last Tuesday. My team of doctors and nurses had prepared me for what to expect, or tried to prepare me anyway. They said I would feel okay the day of and the day after chemo and then I would feel lousy days 3 and 4. They did not lie! I went from feeling slightly constipated and nauseous on Wednesday and Thursday to having a headache that would not quit Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I tried everything, I mean everything, to make it stop. Trying to stay positive while your head is pounding is no easy task. Finally, relief came Tuesday morning!
Thankfully, I have a whole week before I return for round 2. You never know how much you appreciate feeling good until you feel not so good. I am going to take this time to look for a wig so I am prepared for the dreaded hair falling out, put some of my affairs in order and enjoy my family and friends and even a few glasses of wine before the next storm hits. If anyone needs any Netflix recommendations, let me know. I started Lucifer this week and am enjoying it. It is fitting after all with all my prayers and cursing this past week to the powers that be
; )
Thank you for all your love and support. I feel it and am so grateful for all of it.

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