Breast Cancer: The Diagnosis

September 2nd, 2020

Hello Friends! For those of you who have not heard yet, I have been recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. I wanted to share this with you because you are my family, and I want you all to be a part of my journey, as much as I have been a part of all of your journeys throughout my years in practice. As they say, we are a village and women need to stick together through the good, bad and ugly!
I have a great outlook and I begin my chemotherapy tomorrow. I will be undergoing roughly 8 weeks of chemo, followed by breast conservation surgery and rounding it out with radiation as the final stages. It will be about an 8 month journey and I am ready for it!
I am going to do my best to continue providing all the care and services you have grown accustomed to, but ask for your understanding and patience if we have to reduce practice hours or alter appointment times at the last minute : )
I also hope to share my experiences, thoughts and updates along the way. I will be blogging and updating my social media pages, in hopes to update as often as I can. If you have any questions about office hours or appointments, reach out to my wonderful staff and they will answer everything they can.
I am surrounded by amazing family, friends and patients. We are stronger than we know and love will see us through. Thanks so much for being a part of my village. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful practice filled with the best people in the world! I got this! In this office, no one fights alone!

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